God with Us: Watching

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Watching 3

13 December 2017

It’s not always easy finding time for prayer. Three hours of commuting, lunch at the desk, family life, coupled with a lack of peaceful places, make it difficult to find the opportunity or the venue. Sometimes the train can be OK, in between announcements telling me what I already know, sometimes it doesn’t really work. I have always enjoyed making part of my commute on foot, taking the opportunity to watch out for, and give thanks for the beauties of creation. Sometimes a walk from Waterloo to the City seems to only offer up the works of man. Many of these are things of beauty, from the majesty of St Paul’s dome, to the space age sweep of the Millennium Bridge, and I give thanks for the God given talent of their creators. On a good day, however, the pure beauty of creation can still be seen through the concrete and steel. You can see sunrises and sunsets, sunlight on water, ethereal mist and fog rolling up from the sea and on a really good day a rainbow. There are birds to be seen too, from pigeons, to gulls on the foreshore at low tide, to cormorants on the pontoons and pilings by the Tower. I have seen a duck alighted on Tower Bridge, and even a slightly confused looking goose outside City Hall. A walk along the Thames always leaves me feeling happy and grateful for God’s generosity. It doesn’t make a perfect prayer, but it’s usually not bad.

Graham Rosser


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