God with Us: Watching

Watching 1 Della robbia nativity

Watching 1

11 December 2017

Prepare for the coming of the light of the world…

Christmas decorations, songs and all things twinkly have been adorning the shops since well before Halloween. Shopping lists get longer and the days get shorter; trees need decorating and presents need wrapping; and somewhere in all that is the stuff of everyday life. The countdown is well underway.

However, Advent isn’t a countdown to Christmas; it is a season that calls us to be attentive and ‘awake’, to see the signs of God’s unmistakable presence in our lives.
As we journey through Advent, with all the anticipation and expectation the season brings, it is easy to forget that these weeks aren’t simply a time when we prepare for Christmas, but a time in which we are being prepared for the coming of the light of the world.

During this season it is good to make time – even if just a few minutes a day – to be still. In one of the busiest times of the year this is even more necessary than usual. The stillness that comes from prayer is a way of waiting, a way of watching, and a way of listening to what is going on within and around us. We come to recognise and see the presence of God through stillness and silence, through attentiveness and watchfulness.

It is my fervent prayer that we embrace an Advent of attentiveness and watchfulness, in order to behold the beauty, wonder and grace of God’s presence in every moment of our lives.

Jules Soanes


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