God with Us: Listening

Listening 4 Christ

Listening 4

7 December 2017

I listened to life and my thoughts spoke tentatively; I often have to hold my breath to hear them. They observe things within and without me that seem prescient of my life’s direction and yet at odds with my heretofore held aspirations. What is this murmur within me, and can I trust it to lead me? It was with this in mind that I wrote the following.

I can’t comprehend my satisfaction
I can’t comprehend my love
I listen for a call to action
And stare at an unseen path

I hear the murmur of ambition
Without understanding its means
The soul, perhaps, yearning fruition
Or a man in earshot of his greed

To heed the flow of events,
Free and opaque as the sea,
Or continue, recourse to intent,
Fastened to what I believe?

To listen or cast ahead:
To be in the presence of God
And let things unwished for be said
Or continue to question love.

Jake Kirner


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