God with Us: Listening

Listening 3 Anunciation Keith New

Listening 3

6 December 2017

Christmas Now and Then by Evie Lawley, 9yrs

In the playground, waiting for Christmas Eve,
Children screaming with excitement at school.
What will be in their stockings?
Presents and chocolate for all?

Adults and children singing Christmas carols,
At schoosl, at fairs and in shops.
Loud music at peoples houses,
Neighbours dancing along at a bop.

“Ho, ho, ho and jingle bells”
Father Christmas bellows from your roof.
Flying across the bright, night moon,
You can hear his reindeers’ hooves.

Mary and Joseph heard an Angel,
Who said, “You will have a baby”.
“He will be God’s only son”,
“You are a special lady”.

Baby Jesus born in a stable,
Heard unwrapping of gifts from three Wise Men.
And also noises of all the animals,
And Angels singing “Amen”.



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