God with Us: Listening


Listening 2

5 December 2017

Sshh! Listen! No not with your ears!
Ears only hear sleigh bells and Christmas carols and nagging voices to buy a bigger turkey and evermore presents!
No, reader, listen with your heart;
Still your mind and listen!
Stop your physical and mental wanderings and be still!
There! Can you hear Him?
A whisper amongst the trees; a shadow that falls across your conscience;
A blanket that envelops you with love and stills your shivering mind;
Everything starts as a whisper reader – you, me, Adam;
God speaks in whispers because he wants to be close to us, woo us, his whisper being the very breath of life that we inhale;
There it is again – strain your heart reader – a whisper gentle, not chiding “Don’t forget Me!”

Hasmeeta Mahandru


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