life ON TOWER HILL 05/17


Parish News from All Hallows by the Tower                        May 2017

‘And let us run with perseverance…’
The Marathon played a big part in the life of All Hallows the weekeIMG_2670nd before last. In the course of 7 hours, over 40,000 runners and walkers, at least three rhinos and a giant hotdog passed the doors of the church as they approached the 23mile mark (not to
mention the spectators, many of whom stopped by for refreshments, or those who attended the London Marathon Official service at All Hallows the evening before).
Amongst the runners was our very own Martin Carr, who ran the race in a remarkable 4hrs 9mins and raised a staggering £2,500. There is still time to support him.
Please do join us in congratulating him and wishing him the best of luck next year. 🎉

‘In Search of Healing’
Many people who visit All Hallows come here at least partly in search of healing. It’s very moving to read the short prayers – in a wide variety of languages – left on our prayer board or in our book each week. A prayer for a friend who has just received a frightening diagnosis; for a grandparent who is dying; from a couple longing for a child; from someone struggling with the breakdown of a relationship – they illustrate the fragility of life and our universal need for healing, reconciliation and wholeness.

With this in mind we have recently begun a new short lunchtime service, a Eucharist for Healing, which takes place in the Columbarium Chapel in the crypt on Tuesdays at 1.00 pm. The week’s prayer slips and book entries are placed on the altar and we pray for healing both for individuals and more widely: for the healing of divided communities at home and abroad, for reconciliation between nations, for Christian unity, even for the healing of the earth in the face of current environmental challenges. Healing and restoration are integral to the good news of Christ, so a service like this helps us reconnect with the God whose purpose for us is a life of wholeness. Do join us to pray for yourself or for others, and if you have someone special you would like us to mention by name, let Sophia know beforehand:

‘Meet Adey’
Every month, as we release our newsletter, we will be introducing you to some of the players at All Hallows who are here during the week. We start this month with the effervescent Adey Grummet, our Education and History Officer, who manages visitor experience amongst many other tasks around the church. Throughout the year, tens of thousands of tourists walk through the doors of All Hallows and Adey’s role includes helping them to experience our church in the best way possible. When asked, Adey told us “The best part of my work at All Hallows is never knowing what’s coming day to day.” All Hallows is right in the centre of the business and tourist community and strives to welcome all our visitors so that they may get a glimpse of our long standing presence in this busy part of London. Whether helping with the sell-out work of our bi-Annual Education Project (with Clios Company) or liaising with tour guides and individual guests, Adey helps people to see the church as not just a beautiful building but a place of worship to our great and amazing God.
“There’s such a sense of heritage here,” she says. “Everyone who has walked through this door over the last 1,400 years has added to its history.” We quite agree, and Adey is one of those people too – helping the church stay vibrant. Adey also spends a lot of time with our indispensable volunteers. “They’re great, so willing to help however they can. Even with something as simple as making tea. You haven’t tasted a cup of tea ’til Barbara has made one for you.”
Humour and kind observations like this are what make Adey such a valuable member of our team here at All Hallows: no action or task is small enough to go unnoticed by her or so grand as to be considered insurmountable. We are blessed to have Adey on our team.  Adey works Mondays and Fridays. Do drop in and say hello.

Upcoming Events
On top of our weekly services and events (which you can see here), we also have some upcoming annual events, including:

May 12th
Lunchtime Concert

May 25th
The Beating of the Bounds

June 14th
Knolly’s Rose Ceremony

Join us for all these and more at


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