Desert Journeys – 5/4/17

Desert Journeys 26

April 5th 2017

Lent. Time of desert and purification. Time of silence and temptation. Jesus went to the desert for forty days, fasting and being closer to his Father. He alone. Trying to listen more carefully to his voice, to create a space for himself and for God the Father, trying to better understand what he was going to experience during his Passion.

The desert is very crucial and surprising for Christians: we are in front of Jesus who looks powerless, tempted three times by Satan, but with an extraordinary power which only the Father can give. He didn’t give up, even when he was about to fall, even after days and days of fasting.
All this internal power and strength he showed against the Evil was given by a stronger and a deeper relationship with his Father, being closer to him and listening to his voice. Jesus for forty days experienced the weakest human nature.
And we are asked to react to our temptations simply as he did: establishing a closer and a true relationship with God our Father, taking a time from our busy everyday life, listening to his voice, authentic nourishment for our lives.
Matteo Lachetti

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