Desert Journeys – 3/4/17

Desert Journeys 24

April 3rd 2017

This Wednesday will mark two weeks since the attack on Westminster.  We have all, in some way or another, been affected by what happened.  Some of us were there, or know someone who was killed. Others of us are simply part of the wider narrative of national pain felt by the whole UK. But, interestingly, much in the same way after September 11th, Bastille Day, the Boston Marathon, and the Charlie Hebdo killings, there is another narrative – this one worldwide – that flows alongside the grief and pain.

It is a narrative of love, and it tells the story of resistance and resilience in the face of adversity. We’re not all lawyers or priests, army generals or politicians. We don’t all have a leading role in the wider story of justice, but we all have a part to play and in difficult times like this humanity shows us its best while coping with its worst. A prayer, a hug, the refusal to give in to fear and intolerance – all these things are ways in which we contribute to this narrative of love, we only need be brave enough to do it.

Our local Tube Station sent us this poem, written by a staff member in the wake of what happened. It is simple, but it is heartfelt and it reminds us that we all have a role in strengthening our world and the people in it.

In these sad times
London can feel quite small
But the people join together
And we stand so tall

We love this great city
And enjoy it every day
Some times can be tough and
We don’t want to play

The sun will always shine bright
It will never fade
Together we are London and
We are not afraid…..

Samuel Gaukroger, All Hallows by the Tower

Poem by Tower Hill Underground Station staff


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