Desert Journeys – 30/3/17

Desert Journeys 22

March 30th 2017

We found ourselves in the desert; that is to say the missing part that was each other.

We were recently graduated art students, brought together in the Middle East, cast into the same place at the same time by a series of fortunate coincidences. Just before meeting we had both had the identical, intensely physical and surprising experience of feeling we’d “come home” when our feet first hit the parched earth of the Judaean desert. In that desert we felt as if connected to the very beginnings of civilisation; at the same time vibrantly and joyously alive in the present moment and yet somehow also conscious of a life about to change.

That is the curious and alluring things about the desert: sands of time, vast and everlasting yet made of individually insignificant tiny specks, constantly shifting. One is piercingly aware of transience and mortality, survival potentially being only the thin line between a few sips of water or none. One is able to connect to one’s own thoughts and beliefs in a clarity often not afforded us in the hectic bustle of a large modern city.

Perhaps this inspiring, overwhelming environment made us each more receptive, therefore able to recognise the path of a new adventure and take a leap, or maybe we were just lucky that our inevitable meeting had such an aesthetically stunning and conceptually interesting backdrop. What we do know is that all these years later we return to that desert in our minds when we need to focus on what is truly important in our lives and to remind us to be grateful for the here and now.

Thomas & Angel Zatorski



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