Desert Journeys – 16/3/17

Desert Journeys 12

March 16th 2017

Cancer makes you confront your own wilderness as you stand on the precipice of your life, wondering ‘How did I get here? What is next? Where will I be taken?’

You look around you and all is distant and remote but the world has not stopped. The cogs continue turning. Financial, material, physical and emotional burdens press in and the flesh cries out for sustenance that is not of the physical kind. The gloom surrounds you and the ability to see, to understand diminishes rapidly. You persist, however.

It is then the dawning realisation emerges that when you embarked on this journey to your wilderness you were not alone – God has been walking by your side. The peace and joy amidst this wilderness is suddenly evident. You have been pressured but not crushed; perplexed but not in despair; struck down but not destroyed.

There will be many times of trial and tribulation and our faith will be tested over and over again. But God’s grace will meet us in our wilderness and there he will invigorate and revitalise us as we start a new journey – a journey that will bring us peace and understanding and strengthen us further. Through all this we must not forget Jesus also went through his wilderness but never without God’s grace.

Hasmeeta Mahandru


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