Desert Journeys – 14/3/17

Desert Journeys 10

March 14th 2017

Peace for the journey…

We all experience the sense of being in the wilderness at some point. Sometimes this is voluntary and at other times it is without any choice. Personally, I have experienced both. But the one that has been the most testing, and also most rewarding, is happening right now. I have been going through the discernment process, exploring my (possible) call to ordained ministry. I spent a year doubting, questioning and praying. Was this really a call from God? He seemed oddly silent. I had no intention of airing these thoughts, who on earth would believe me? I wasn’t even sure I believed it! After a year of dismissing, fighting and some full on ignoring on my part, I found myself saying the words “I’m thinking about ordination…” – nobody was as surprised as me. Everything happened very quickly from there and I now find myself preparing for a Bishops Advisory Panel and I am not sure how I got this far. It could all stop in May but for now… I prepare.

Throughout this process, I have had amazing people supporting me – but there are times when I need to take myself into a sort of wilderness; where I can retreat and listen to God. Jesus often retreated to pray in the wilderness, leaving behind the distraction of everyday life.  By following His example, I have learned that I can be nourished and enriched by solitude.

Often when I feel most alone it is then that I feel God is most aware of me; that the potential for closeness to Him is at its greatest. So whether you intentionally retreat or are forced into an isolating period of time you can be sure that God is close, He is listening and He will guide you out of the desert.

Juliette Soanes

Church Administrator


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