Desert Journeys – 9/3/17

Desert Journeys 7

March 9th 2017

Over the years I have had to move a few different times for different reasons. Once was family, once was university, then I decided to move to New York after university and then on to London. Each move has had its pros and cons, with the pros outweighing the cons as I have taken the plunge and uprooted and moved to new cities and counties.

Despite moving cities and countries, the one aspect tying the moves together has been the community of faith I have found. When I moved at the age of 12 from Katy in Texas to Houston, it was the community at the Holy Spirit Episcopal Church. I started attending the youth group where I found a strong group of friends who helped me to learn and grow in faith. It was within this community that I first accepted God into my life and was confirmed in the church. This experience has shaped a lot of my relationship with God as I have moved through life. At university I found the community of faith at university church immensely important as I was very far away from home. With the daily challenges of university life, the presence of the community of believers at university church helped to keep me grounded and ensure my moral compass was always in check.

But between university and coming to All Hallows, there was a ‘time in the wilderness’. For the first time in a long time and for a long time I was not part of a community of faith. I would attend the odd service with friends and family when I could, but I wasn’t a member of their communities. During this period, I knew I was not alone, as I have a strong sense of God and my relationship is strong. But my experience with God was incomplete. I am thankful to have found All Hallows and the community of faith here because it has reminded me of a very important aspect of the religious experience that had been missing from my life for a very long time.

Rick Scott


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