Desert Journeys – 6/3/17

Desert Journeys 4

March 6th 2017


When one says the word ‘desert’ a great many things come to mind. Most think of sand or sun, many think of thirst or hunger; but before all those things, I find myself spelling it out loud in a desperate attempt to not write ‘dessert’. It’s silly really, I know that. It’s just one letter, and at 26 years old (with a degree in English, no less) I should really know the difference by now.

But language is a strange and curious thing: add one letter to a word and a completely different one appears; put a comma in the wrong place and the entire meaning of a phrase changes. And that’s just within English. Look further to the thousands of languages and dialects in the world, and it’s a wonder we understand each other at all.

The language of faith operates in the same way. How many times have we jumped to conclusions or misunderstood what God is telling us? How often are we quick to judge others’ relationships with Jesus, based on how we understand Him? As Christians, I believe we are aiming for Godliness, but because we all speak a different and unique dialect of the language of faith, things are getting lost in translation. This Lent season, I hope we will be able to step back and ask God for clarity and wisdom. We are all different but we must all ask: Are we genuinely listening to Him? And, if so, are we understanding?

Samuel Gaukroger

Media and Communications, All Hallows By The Tower


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